Northern Province Synod convenes

Photos from the first day of the Moravian Church Northern Province Synod 2010

Rick Santee, chair of the Northern Province Synod, opens the gathering on Thursday.  Br. Santee will officiate the business of the five-day legislative event.

Dr. Christopher Thomforde

Dr. Christopher Thomforde, President of Moravian College, welcomes delegates to the 2010 Synod being held on the Moravian campus.

PEC President Rev. David Wickmann addresses Synod

Provincial Elders’ Conference President Rev. David L. Wickmann addressed the opening of Synod with a “State of the Church” address.  Watch future posts for more information from Rev. Wickmann’s address.

Delegates at the 2010 Northern Province Synod cast votes in the initial balloting for Provincial Elders’ Conference President.  This initial vote occurs with no nomination or campaigning; the election balloting will continue throughout Synod until one candidate receives two-thirds of the vote.

At the conclusion of the first day of the Northern Provinces 2010 Synod, delegates and guests attended a dinner hosted at East Hills Moravian Church in Bethlehem.  During dinner, attendees studied Paul’s Letter the Philippians 3:7-16.


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